DOB: 06/10/2015
CLR: Black Tri
HT: 20"
WT: 37 lbs

ABCA 426965
AKC DN48459401

OFA - Excellent Hips (BCO-12295E27F-VPI)
DNA normal by for CEA, DM, MDR1, CL,
SN, TNS and carrier for IGS

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FHF Stella

This Black Tri Border Collie whose name is Stella took my heart from the first time I saw her. The combination of her soft, yet curious eyes and the tilt of her head was all she had to do. She put her ball at the door of her kennel as she  quietly back away and then looked at up me as if to say;  “this ball is for you so we can play”.  She loves her ball. She will do anything for her ball.

Karen asked if I would be interested in taking Stella to a training class. I obviously said yes! I first worked with Stella in obedience training. She completed her CGC training with such eagerness that it somehow made it way too easy for me.  To this day her “heel” always comes with such joy. She jumps to my side with that instinctive urge and gives me that look which never fails to make me laugh.

She came to live with me in Arizona 2 years ago. We have a pool in the backyard. She was immediately taught how to swim to the steps so she would know how to get out. That was the beginning of her love for water. Shortly after that she attended a dog show in Scottsdale Arizona where she was introduced to dock diving. She was addicted. She will now jump into any type of water (on command only).

She easily will entertain herself with games that include the ball.  She likes anyone…especially if they throw the ball. Stella had her first meeting of my brother who was paralyzed and sitting in a fairly large electric wheelchair. She ever so gently placed her ball in his lap, looked up at his eyes, slowly back away and patiently waited for him to throw it.  When he was able to push it off his lap, Stella retrieved the ball and again slowly and gently placed it back on his lap closer to where his hand could push it.  He just loved her, and they had this special connection.  She will play fetch with anyone. Even the breeze of the wind will be her friend as it blows the ball in the pool to the opposite side of where she pushes it in the pool with her foot. She will circle the pool as if she is herding the ball. If her ball isn’t available she will gladly use another toy. She is a happy, healthy, fun, loving, and easy going dog.

She gets along with other dogs no matter what size. If they take her ball, she will follow them around waiting for them to drop it.

She loves sheep herding. When I first took her to a local sheep herding instinct testing event, the trainer couldn’t believe that was only her second time on sheep. She listened to the trainer and never became overly excited. Since then she has been on sheep numerous times without lessons and always does pretty amazing. Recently she was in a contest with 4 other border collies. The goal of the contest was to herd ducks through an obstacle course and Stella nailed it. That was her first time on ducks.

She does numerous tricks and easily earned her Novice Trick Title. She will play search games that sometimes she cheats because I am not fast enough for her.

She is an independent yet a team player type of dog. She does have a turn off switch in which she will settle down nicely and gum her baby. She is my first border collie and what can I say but it is an honor it is to have her. I love her so very much.


Litters whelped by Stella:

Stella by Kelvin
Born January 21st, 2019

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