Contact Point's Thinks Quick, "Quick"

DOB: 06/15/1999
CLR: Black and White
HT: 18"
WT: 32 lbs

OFA excellent hips
OFA normal elbows
CERF (BCO-2190/2001-25)
BAER normal

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Contact Point's Thinks Quick, "Quick"


NAC MACh2 PACh ADCh-Silver PDCh-Silver LAA-Platinum TM-Platinum GCh-Gold SCh-Gold SACh-Gold ATD-Bronze OF HSAs RA HRD1 HTD1 BCSA ROMX and Versatility



Quick was the first born of Contact Point Border Collies, born on June 15, 1999. Quick was the largest of the three pups in the litter, outweighing the two boys by about four ounces at birth. Quick's nickname as a puppy was "Big Bertha".

Quick is a classic, but flashy, black and white, and is 18 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds. Quick is the perfect blend talent, drive, structure, and temperament. She is an amazing performance dog, as well as a great companion.

Quick thrives in performance sports. She started agility training as a pup and has never looked back. Quick won the 2006 AKC National Agility Championships in 20” and has made the USDAA Nationals Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and DAM Team Finals on numerous occasions. In addition to Quick's national success, Quick has competed internationally on the USDAA’s 2006 IFCS World Team where she earned 2 Gold and 3 Silver Medals.

Quick also competes in Herding, and has earned Started titles with the American Kennel Club and American Herding Breeds Association.


Litters whelped by Quick:

Contact Point's Thinks Quick, "Quick" by WF on the Move, "Moo" & Holman's Trim
Born on January 16th, 2003

Contact Point's Thinks Quick, "Quick" by Holman's Mike, "Mike"
Born on January 20th, 2007

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