DOB: 2/24/2015
CLR: Black and White
HT: 20.75"
WT: 38 lbs
AKC: DN45271001
ABC: 420584

DNA normal for CEA, IGS, TNS
Does not carry the red color gene
OFA Good hips and normal elbows
View Speck's Pedigree, Canine Genetic Health Certificates, OFA Elbow Certificate & OFA Hip Certificate

P.L. Speck HSAds HIAds HXAx

I sold Speck to Patsy on a co-ownership in the Winter of 2018 when she contacted me looking for an adult dog to train in agility that would get along with her Jack Russell Terrier. At the time I'd just recently gotten Speck back from herding training and was enjoying him being at home with us. He didn't even cross my mind as a prospect for Patsy because I had no thought of placing him. Then the light bulb went on in my head that he might be just what she was looking for. She came out to visit him and the rest is history. I considered placing him with Patsy because she has been a long time CPBC owner and has Brinkley who will be 13 years old in September 2019 and is retired from agility.

I asked Patsy to write a short bio for his page. She wrote:

"Thank you Karen for entrusting to my care the beautiful Speck. He is the sweetest dog I have ever known, loving people almost as much as he loves other dogs, but now adding agility to the list. He is so happy and enthusiastic about everything in his life which makes living in his world a very happy one for me and his housemates, Brinkley and Mojo.

He really tries so hard to please when doing agility or any sport and is not your typical hyper border collie. Most people say they wish he were their dog which is such a compliment to him!

I absolutely love this happy, goofy and playful guy! - Patsy McCulloch"

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