NAC Contact Point Made Ewe Blink, "Blink"

DOB: 11/08/2002

CLR: Blue Merle
HT: 22"
WT: 49 lbs

OFA good hips
Normal elbows
CERF, CEA & BAER normal
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  • 2007, 2008, 2010 European Open USA Team Member - European Open Finalist 2010 (Italy, Germany, Czech Republic)
  • 2009 Incredible Dog Challenge
    60 Weave Pole Silver Medalist

Contact Point Made Ewe Blink, "Blink"

NAC PACH ADCh TM-Platinum RCh-Bronze GCh-Bronze SCh-Bronze SACh-Bronze MX MXJ MXP MJP XF


Blink is a son of Contact Point's Blew by You, "Blew" & Contact Point's Sue, "Sue." Blink is athletic and agile, weighs in at 49 lbs and measures 22".

What really sets Blink aside from other really driven Border Collies is his mind. He is one of the most biddable dogs you will ever meet.

Blink is easy to teach, willing to learn and intelligent. He picks up new exercises in no time and is always keen and ready to go. In fact he loves to work so much he'll work for anyone. It is a pleasure to live and work with him.

Blink loves to swim, sleep on the bed, and interact with friends and family. He is excellent with kids, and enjoys traveling and new places.


Litters sired by Contact Point's Made Ewe Blink, "Blink":

XP Hope of Drummond, "Hope" by Contact Point Made Ewe Blink, "Blink"
Born on August 12th, 2005

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