DOB: 07/28/2008

CLR: Black Tri
HT: 22.75"
WT: 52 lbs

ABC 325610

OFA hips Good (BC0-9429G47M-VPI)

DNA Normal for CEA (Optigen 12-5912)

DNA Normal for TNS

DNA Carrier for IGS
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Coop is a big lap dog who loves attention because he has received it all his life.  Some people find his open, forward, friendliness annoying but for me he is a biddable, team player with a sweet nature.  He is a loving dog and not indifferent to people.  He loves them.  Alllll of them.  Coop is easy to live with , clean in his kennel and he relaxes in the house for a good snuggle, popcorn (he likes a little butter and parmesan cheese) and a movie.  

Coop is well socialized and because of this and the many, many miles we travel he is well adjusted to new locations.  When he was young I made sure many people, acquaintenances and folks I knew at trials, all handled him as I went about socializing.  He learned that I was never far away and that I always returned to fetch him.  He is also naturally easy in this way.  He is very trusting and loves people.

Since Coop has been trialing in open he has been a consistent presence placing in the top 10% of the field in open field trials. He competes primarily on Western Range Ewe from open range flocks. He has a huge stride that gets him up field efficiently and a stylish manner that moves his stock. He has medium eye and lots of come forward but because of his generous bidability he let's go and settles his sheep. His flanks are clean and he releases pressure in just the right amount to get the job done. Because of his excellent training by Suzy Applegate and his happy, loving nature he is the best dog I have ever handled and a prince to live with. Mostly, everyone who has met this big boy falls in love with his affable nature and jolly disposition. - Erin Swanson

Cooper is an accomplished and talented trial dog:
2011 USBCHA National Nursery Finals – 3rd place
2014 USBCHA National Finals – 20th place

In the words of Suzy Applegate from the Official 2011 National Sheepdog Finals Blog:"My second Nursery dog is Cooper, by Alasdair MacRae’s Nap and out of Kathy Scott’s Lynn, whom I first trained as a pup for Morgen Magnuson, He is a very good listener and seems to suit the range ewes well. He has been a very consistent trial dog and is also fun to run."



Litters sired by Coop at Contact Point:



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