Imp. Tim, "Bean"

DOB: 5/10/2008
CLR: Black Tri
HT: 20"
WT: 42 lbs

OFA Hips: BCO-8455F27M-VPI
DNA normal for CEA by parentage
Possible IGS Carrier
Not tested for TNS

ISDS 296378
AKC DN28567501


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HC Imported Tim II, "Bean" HSAd HSBd HIAds HIBds HXAd HXBd HSAsM HSBsM HXAsM HXBsM

I met Bean and his sister Tempie when they were just 1 day old.  I had gone to the Belgium and The Netherlands to cheer on the USA agility team at the IFCS Agility World Championships.  I had previously met Serge van der Zweep when I had traveled there a couple of years before and purchased Euro. 

During my visit I was introduced to Elian Nel who had just had a litter of 12 puppies.  I fell in love with Nel and Jim (Bean's sire) and couldn't decide which pup to choose.  I finally decided that I would take a male and female pup and their mother!  Nel and her pups arrived in Los Angeles in August of 2008.  Nel was just as sweet and wonderful as I remembered and the pups were adorable.  Nel stayed at the ranch and worked in herding finishing her AKC Herding Championship in early 2009.  Bean and Tempie headed up to the Pacific Northwest for "puppy raising".  

Bean returned to Fillmore in December of 2008 and did some herding with a local herding trainer.  Marsha Dales-Bain was looking for a nice herding dog and she fell in love with Bean.  Marsha has done a wonderful job training and trialing Bean to many titles, wins and High in Trial awards.  Bean has his AKC Herding Championship and many more titles and she has formed a successful herding partnership with Bean.

Bean has a wonderful, friendly temperament and is very kind to people and sheep alike. 


Litters sired by Bean:

On the Lamb Sleet,

Born Sept. 27th, 2011

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