Arc by Contact Point's Pocket Full of Kryptonite, "Lex"

ArcContact Point's Pocket Full of Kryptonite, "Lex"

Born March 13th, 2016

1 pup
Contact Point's Get It Done "Lari"
Sara Millikan, CA

Pup 2
  Contact Point's Bo
Gail Herring, AL

Pup 3
Contact Point's Midas Touch "Midas"
Connie Anthony, AK

Pup 4
Contact Point Louis
Dorothy Liebich, CA

Pup 5
Contact Point's Tempe
Laurie Tewinkle, NY

Pup 6
Contact Point's Burn Down The Mission "Spark"
Penny Leigh, NC

Pup 7
Contact Point's Ridley
Jessika Packman, CA


Day 1


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