Imp. Kinloch Safi, "Sally" by Contact Point's Status Update, "Stat"

females sally Contact Point's Status Update, "Stat"

Born June 16th, 2016

Pup 1
Contact Point's Ozzie
Megan Sellers, NJ

Pup 2
Contact Point's Marcy
Elizabeth Elman, CA

Pup 3
  Contact Point's Maria
Melinda Dayhuff, CA

Pup 4
Contact Point's Richie
Susanne Laningham, CA

Pup 5
Contact Point's Smoking Loon
Sara Millikan, CA and Karen Moureaux, CA 

Pup 6
Contact Point's Rio
Elaine Geiser, MD

Pup 7
Contact Point's Maddy May
Jennifer Henderson, AK


Click photo below to view larger pictures of this litter:

6th day

Week 4


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